There are many people dedicated to your care

Your care team is not just one doctor. You will likely have access to a combination of healthcare providers who are all working together to help you get the best care possible 

During your treatment, you’ll likely encounter a number of healthcare providers and you’ll encounter a number of medical professionals who have specialized knowledge about your care.

Primary Care Physician

Sometimes known as an internist, a general practitioner, or a family doctor, your primary care physician may be the initial point of contact for your care and may refer you to other specialists.


A doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating cancers with medicines, including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and other therapies. An oncologist manages cancer treatment and coordinates with the entire treatment team.

Nurse Practitioner / Physician Assistant

These healthcare providers have degrees and training in medical fields. Both help treat illnesses, provide patient education, and prescribe medicines, often playing a key role in your care.

Infusion Nurse

A nurse who prepares and administers infused medicine/s.

Patient Navigator

Provides guidance through the healthcare system and help with issues or challenges that can arise. He or she may assist in coordinating treatment with other healthcare team members, help with financial support programs, transportation, and even childcare.

Home Health Aide

A licensed professional who assists people at home with their personal care, including bathing, dressing, and other daily activities. This person may also assist with cooking and other household chores.


Also called a dietician, a nutritionist helps people manage their eating and hydration needs related to cancer and its treatment.

Psychologist / Therapist / Counselor

These healthcare professionals can help people learn to cope more effectively with life issues.  

Additional support

Find cancer-related organizations that can provide you with information, support, and advocacy

Financial assistance options

TECENTRIQ Access Solutions is a program that may help people who are taking TECENTRIQ