We’re committed to your care. That’s why we’ve created a unique support and information program for people who have been prescribed TECENTRIQ, TECENTRIQ On Your Side. The TECENTRIQ On Your Side program includes a welcome kit to help guide you during your day-to-day experiences.

This program is not intended to replace a conversation with your doctor. Remember to talk to your healthcare team throughout the treatment process. They can answer any questions you may have and make sure the treatments you receive are right for you.

Receive your Welcome Kit

If your doctor has prescribed TECENTRIQ, we’ll also mail a complimentary welcome kit to your home after you sign up. It’s filled with information you can really use, including:


Covering the basics on how TECENTRIQ is thought to work with your body to fight cancer, as well as a list of financial resources for eligible patients, and treatment tips

Understanding the Potential Side Effects of TECENTRIQ

Explaining the signs of potential side effects of TECENTRIQ

Patient Treatment Journal

Offering tips for staying on track while on treatment with TECENTRIQ

Handy Wallet Card

Keeping medical information close at hand

The Mindful Kitchen Booklet

Featuring recipes and practical nutrition tips    

For Mary Ann, who was previously treated with chemotherapy, and her family, finding additional support has been an essential part of the treatment process.

Discover what Mary Ann, who was previously treated with chemotherapy, and her husband Carl do to find support >

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Once you start TECENTRIQ, we can offer helpful information, tips, and resources.