TECENTRIQ can help to reactivate the immune system so that it can recognize cancer in the body.

Understanding cancer cells and PD-L1

Your immune system helps to protect you against infection and disease. It does this through a collection of specialized organs and cells. Normally, your immune system is able to detect and remove abnormal cells, such as cancer cells.

  • Some cancer cells can go undetected by your immune system. One way they can go undetected is through a protein called programmed death-ligand 1, or PD-L1. This protein is found on many cells, including cancer cells. PD-L1 on cancer cells may bind to your immune cells
  • When it does this, the cancer cell is seen as a healthy cell. This may prevent your immune system from being able to recognize and attack your cancer

TECENTRIQ is designed to work with the immune system

TECENTRIQ is a cancer immunotherapy that can help to reactivate the immune system so that it can recognize cancer cells in the body.

  • TECENTRIQ is an anti–PDL1 antibody, meaning it is designed to block PD-L1
  • By blocking PD-L1, TECENTRIQ is thought to reveal cancer cells. This process helps your immune system recognize, target, and attack your cancer. TECENTRIQ may also affect normal cells

TECENTRIQ can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues and can affect the way they work. These problems can sometimes become serious or life threatening and can lead to death.

Call or see your healthcare provider right away if you experience any symptoms listed here or if those symptoms get worse.

PD-L1 testing

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