Your healthcare team will give TECENTRIQ + Avastin with an intravenous or “IV” line. This means a bag of each medicine is given in your vein, one after the other.

Your healthcare team will also decide how long you may be on treatment. They may stop or switch medicines if your disease gets worse or if treatments can’t be tolerated.

Preparing for your infusion

Stay Warm

Some people feel cold during their infusion, so you may want to bring a blanket.

Dress Comfortably

Some appointments take longer, so you may want to wear comfortable clothes.

Pass the Time

Keep yourself entertained with a book, a tablet, or your phone loaded with a TV show or podcast.

Pack a Snack

Ask your care team if it's okay to bring some light snacks or a bottle of water.

Take Notes

Bring a pen and a notepad to jot down any questions or thoughts that come up.

Bring a Companion

Ask a family member or friend to give you a ride and keep you company during your infusion.

Need help getting to appointments?

The American Cancer Society ”Road to Recovery” program helps connect people with rides to and from doctor appointments for cancer treatment.

Call 1-800-227-2345 to get help finding a ride.

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