When you are diagnosed with HCC (a type of liver cancer), it’s okay if you don’t know where to begin or what to do next. A good place to start is by learning more about the liver and your type of cancer.

What does the liver do?

The liver has many jobs. One of its most important jobs is to clean your blood.
The liver also:

  • Helps your body digest fat
  • Stores sugar for your body to use when it needs energy

What happens when the liver is damaged?

Liver damage can happen for many reasons. Over time, the damage can cause the liver to not work as well. This can eventually lead to liver disease, cirrhosis, or cancer—including HCC.

What is hepatocellular carcinoma?

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is a type of liver cancer. It starts in the main type of liver cell, called a hepatocyte.

HCC treatment options

Some cases of HCC can be removed with surgery. Some cases cannot. These can only be treated with medicine. Here is an overview of the types of medicine for HCC:

Systemic therapies for HCC

Targeted therapy icon
  • A commonly used type of advanced liver cancer treatment
  • Some work to cut off blood and nutrients from reaching the tumor
  • Some use other targets to help keep the cancer from growing and spreading
  • May also affect healthy cells
Immunotherapy icon
  • Helps the immune system see cancer cells
  • Designed to help find and fight the cancer
  • May also affect healthy cells

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