It’s often more than your oncologist and liver doctor (hepatologist)

When you were diagnosed, it was most likely by an oncologist (a cancer doctor) or hepatologist (a liver doctor). Those doctors will likely play a big role in your treatment. There are other types of healthcare providers who may be involved in the treatment of your cancer, too. You may have some or all of these people on your care team.

Primary Care Physician

The doctor you visit for regular check-ups. You might also see him or her if you have some changes in your body that might need attention. He or she can refer you to specialists, if needed.

Nurse Navigator

A professional that guides patients through treatment and may help answer questions about support, including financial assistance options.

Social Worker

A professional who can help address some of the challenges that patients with cancer face.


A nutritionist helps people manage their eating and drinking needs. He or she can be very helpful to people with cancer.


A professional that can help people learn to better cope with mental or emotional issues and counsel you through your treatment process.

Home Health Aide

A licensed professional who assists people at home with their personal care. He or she can help with bathing, dressing, and other parts of daily living.

It may be hard at first to keep track of your healthcare team. You may want to use the doctor discussion guide to jot down the names and contact information of some of your care team members.

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