Helpful resources for patients receiving TECENTRIQ

We’re committed to supporting you throughout your treatment journey. We created the TECENTRIQ Care Guide with your needs in mind to help you stay on track. If you’ve been prescribed TECENTRIQ, you can find more information about your disease and treatment from the additional educational materials included in this care guide.

The Care Guide includes the following resources:

Understanding Your Disease

You may already be familiar with the basics of your condition. In case you’re just getting started, this resource can give you more background.

Where to Find More Information and Support

Finding the right source of support for your disease can be challenging. Here you can discover a list of organizations that you may find helpful.

What to Know About TECENTRIQ + Avastin® (bevacizumab)

This resource explains the clinical study results of TECENTRIQ + Avastin. You’ll also find information on how TECENTRIQ works and how it’s given.

Options That Can Help You Afford Treatment

Find out how Genentech may help you get your medicines, regardless of your insurance status.

Learn About Potential Side Effects

TECENTRIQ can cause serious side effects. Here you can find a list of common side effects of TECENTRIQ.

Ways to Help Manage Side Effects

Discover tips that can help you manage some of the common side effects of TECENTRIQ.

My Medication Card

You can use this card to help inform your doctors and nurses about all the medications that you take.