Proven results of TECENTRIQ + Avastin

When living with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), small moments mean so much. TECENTRIQ + Avastin is the first immunotherapy combination that helped patients live longer than sorafenib, the current standard of care in HCC.

A clinical study showed that TECENTRIQ + Avastin was more effective in treating HCC than sorafenib.

How TECENTRIQ was studied

The safety and effectiveness of TECENTRIQ + Avastin were compared to sorafenib. The study included 501 patients with advanced HCC or tumors that could not be removed by surgery.

*Median overall survival is how long from the start of treatment in a study that half of the patients are still alive. Median overall survival was not reached with TECENTRIQ + Avastin vs 13.2 months with sorafenib. This means that more than half of the patients taking TECENTRIQ + Avastin were still alive when the data were collected.

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